Mideo - How to Play Music While Recording Video, made by Topanga, is the camera app that doesn't pause your music. Email us if you encounter any issues not in the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I change, pause, or resume my music without switching apps?
    • Use Control Center:
      • On iPhones without a home button or on iPad, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen.
      • On iPhones with a home button or on iPod touch, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.
  2. Why does the music briefly pause when opening and closing Mideo?
    • This issue is on Apple's end, as it takes a second for iOS to reconfigure your device's audio for recording in addition to playback. Other apps have the same issue, and unfortunately there's not much we can do about it.
  3. How can I record the music playing?
    • Music playing to a speaker:
      • As long as the microphone can pick up the music, you'll be able to hear it in your video.
    • Music playing to headphones:
      • This is not possible for privacy reasons. If an app could listen in on the music playing from another app, it could also eavesdrop on anthing else you're listening to! For this reason, Apple does not allow it.
      • An alternative is to add music after recording with a video editor like iMovie. However, this requires that you have an audio file of the music you want to use.
  4. My video failed to save. What's going on?
    • Make sure you've given Mideo permission to save to the Photos app: go to the Settings app, scroll down to Mideo, and make sure the app is allowed to add to Photos.
    • Quit Mideo (open the app switcher and swipe up on Mideo) then reopen it. When it opens, Mideo will export any videos that previously failed to save.
    • If you're getting an error message, please take a screenshot and email us at hello@topanga.tech
  5. What microphone is being used?
    • By default, Mideo uses your device's built-in microphone.
    • If you connect an external microphone or wired headphones with a built-in mic, Mideo will use that as the input.
    • If you connect wireless headphones, Mideo will still use your device's built-in mic. Because of the limited bandwidth of Bluetooth, using the mic built into wireless headphones would significantly decrease the sound quality and we want to avoid that.
  6. What does "Available Space: 12 hours of 4K video" mean?
    • This tells you how much available storage is remaining on your device in terms of how much video you can record.
    • To manage the storage on your device, open the Settings app and go to General -> iPhone Storage (or iPad Storage)
    • You can record more video if you select a lower resolution. For example, 1080p video takes up about 1/4 the space of a 4K video of the same length. However, this is at the cost of video quality.
  7. Why isn't my amount of available storage increasing after I deleted some videos from my Photo library?
    • Make sure you also permanently deleted them from your Recently Deleted album in the Photos app.
  8. Where did the "Clear Cache" button go?
    • We changed how the app saves videos, so you should no longer have issues with Mideo taking up excess space because of the cache.
    • However, some users have had issues with the old cache not clearing automatically when updating from older versions. Please delete and reinstall Mideo, which should fix the problem for good.
  9. How do I change the language of the app?

Canceling Your Subscription


  • Is Mideo not what you were looking for? We do not handle refunds, Apple does: find the receipt they emailed you and click "Report A Problem" to receive your refund.
  • Please still email us about any issue you encountered so we can fix it for everyone else. As always, email us for any clarifications or support.


  • Email us at hello@topanga.tech! We respond to everyone.
  • Please let us know if you think there's anything we should add to this support page.